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New & Innovative Batches  for Aadhar Course (Class I-V): 


Gravity Education introduces New and Unique Innovative classes for the students of Class 1 to Class 5.

 Gravity Education has introduced the innovative concept of Aadhar’ in the Early Years to facilitate the  process of learning by doing. We believe in imparting learning in a stress-free atmosphere where a  child grows as an independent and competent child.

 We have adapted a very unique approach of ‘Aadhar’ for the students of Class 1-Class 5. Various  learning centers like Literacy, Numeracy, Hop and Toss, Science allow children to explore and apply  newly learnt skills independently. Exclusively equipped centers include a clear understanding of the  objective, simple directions, easy accessible materials, and if possible, ways for students to self  evaluate their work.

 Aadhar course includes various innovative ideas: 


  • Recitation: It is very important to expose young children to poetry recitation, because it helps build the foundation for learning to read as they are exposed to the sounds and rhythms of language in an enjoyable way. Inter class group recitation competitions are held in which every single child of primary takes part.
  • Quiz:  Once a week discussions are held between the class teacher and the children on a wide range of topics like literature, history, mythology, science, current affairs, sports, entertainment, GK etc, which increases their knowledge pool.
  • Fancy Dress: Fancy dress competitions are held for the children of Classes 1, 2 and 3. Children enjoy dressing up in their favourite costumes and also have a interesting message to give.
  • Environment Awareness Project: Several projects are conducted to increase awareness on “Saving the Earth”. For eg:- Children made many innovative and attractive paper toys to replace plastic toys thus reducing the consumption of  plastic. 
  • Elocution: Elocution enables children to speak clearly and be understood. It helps to develop techniques for using ones voice more effectively. It also gives the child the confidence needed to speak in public. Elocution competitions are held for the children of Classes 4 and 5.
  • Story telling:  Children are told and are encouraged to tell stories. This allows them to learn         to organize their ideas, describe events, as they keep building  their vocabulary and comprehension skills. Story telling competitions are held for Classes 1 to 5.
  • Book Review: Children of all the Classes of Primary are made to read books regularly and           then asked to write a review. This helps their analytical skills, inculcates good reading habits and allows them to critically appreciate books from a young age. 
  • Skits: Interesting information, importance of good behaviour, positive attitude, right morals             and values are conveyed everyday through short skits.
  • Spelling: Spelling competitions are held for all Classes of the Primary. This not only improves       their vocabulary but has benefits that extend beyond language. Since, the children are required to spell words while on stage they also develop self confidence as it gives them a forum to display the fruits of their hard work.                                                                                                                
  “Gravity Education’s unique ‘Aadhar’ course helps in a child’s Overall Development                                                        starting from Class 1 and supports him/her throughout the School Life”

                     BENEFITS OF JOINING GRAVITY EDUCATION                                FOR ‘AADHAR COURSE’


1.     Experienced Faculties for All subjects.

2.     Tuition Bag, Identity Card and Library Card for reading and issuing books.

3.     Personal Attention and Individual Performance Record of every student.

4.     Well explanatory and detailed lectures.

5.     Student friendly environment.

6.      Special batches for aptitude, mental ability and general awareness.

7.      NEW PROJECTOR BASED VISUAL CLASSES for various chapters. (We are the first Institute to                    avail such facility among school based institutes)

8.       NEW Presentations by students to reduce their Stage Fear and Increase their Confidence               Level to face today’s competitive and creative environment.

9.      Active participation of students in Gravity Education’s Annual Fest-‘UDAAN’

10.    Strong interaction with parents