Gravity Education

Adding Great Value to Your Future...

Let’s Know about Gravity Education… 

  Gravity Education is a group that is created with a motive to provide the best knowledge and creativity to the students. We not only provide the coaching to the students but also work to develop the student’s creativity and interest. We truly believe in the overall development of the student and frame the student with the same belief. We conduct lots of competitions, quiz, interactive sessions, guidance programs, seminars, counseling sessions, etc. We, for the benefit of the students discover the best ways of imparting the knowledge and creativity to the students.                                                                    

               The concept of Gravity Education was an innovation of Mr. Gaurav Kayal, Director of Gravity Education. He implemented his concept of giving innovative learning and education to the students in the form of an institute which he named as Gravity Education.

                Gravity Education, as an institute started on 27, April, 2009 and has successfully travelled a journey of  4 years. In these years GE guided many students and supported them in their education as well as careers. The pattern of education and extracurricular activities that are conducted in GE are purely innovative and conducted no where else in Indore city. 

Gravity Education is now the FASTEST GROWING INSTITUTE of Indore. We have been generating BEST RESULTS from last three 4 years and we promise you to generate the same for the coming years too.


        Various necessary facilities are provided to our students with NO EXTRA CHARGES!

· A TUITION BAG is issued to every student.

· An IDENTITY CARD is issued to every student from the safety point of view.

  A LIBRARY CARD is issued to every student. By this card they will be able to issue various books, sample papers, novels, magazines & other books for home.